WWE 2K17 coming to PC early next month

PC fans were invited a bit late to the free-for-all that is the WWE 2K series. but this year’s installment is finally coming to a desktop near you on February 7.

The will be two versions of WWE 2K17, a Standard edition for $49.99 (a 10 percent discount is offered if you pre-order), and a Deluxe for $79.99 (minus 15 percent for the pre-order). Both will include the Goldberg pack, which allows access to a playable version of WCW and WWE legend Bill Goldberg. The Deluxe edition will include a season pass, which is also sold separately for $29.99.

The pass will include the following DLC:

  • MyPlayer Kickstart
  • Accelerator
  • NXT Enhancement Pack
  • Legends Pack
  • New Moves Pack
  • Future Stars Pack
  • Hall of Fame Showcase

All of the DLC except Hall of Fame will be available at launch, with HoF Showcase coming later. The game can be pre-ordered through Steam or the 2K Store.

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